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Kybele, like other healthcare organizations, is working diligently to stay abreast of the news on COVID-19 as it emerges. As an international organization, many of Kybele’s activities are essentially on hold. Our physician and nursing volunteers are scrambling with contingency plans, staffing and protocols within their own healthcare systems here in the United States yet we maintain constant contact with our host country colleagues. We are in regular communication via WhatsApp, and are spreading best practices, protocols and policies to others to help ensure rapid dissemination of the best knowledge and information that’s available.

During this pause, we are seeking to be productive and to maintain appropriate stewardship of current grant funds. We are fortunate to have engaged staff members who are already accustomed to working remotely, allowing writing projects, grant oversight and general day-to-day operations to continue to move forward with little disruption. Our greatest concern is for the patients and providers at each location, worldwide, and ensuring their health and safety to every extent possible.

We are preparing a list of links to organizations providing patient care health, safety and travel protocols and will keep that updated on the Kybele website. If there is any issue, any news from a specific location, or any question that you want to ask – please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email, info.kybele@gmail.com, or by phone at +01-336-549-0774.

We keep you and all of our Kybele community in our thoughts at this time.

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